Mattresses need love, too.

People wash their sheets, people wash their pillows. People clean their houses, mow their lawn for that curb appeal, and tidy the kitchen after cooking a meal.

But what about us? What about those who support you late at night when you contemplate life?

1. Vacuum Me.

Bacteria is pesky and makes it way onto me every day. The kids are great but I have crumbs wedged in-between my Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam quilted top for days after a movie night. The dog, a steadfast companion, brings joy to the family but I cringe when he jumps on me with dirty paws. And the cat, don’t get me started on the cat. Hair everywhere. Doesn’t seem to care too much about that either, I’ve noted.

2. Rotate Me.

Pressure, we all feel it. Help me keep my shapely figure by flipping me over once a month (this prevents bowing or sagging). That way I can keep supporting you in all the right places. Your body will thank you for it.

3. Deodorize Me.

Spritz me every once in awhile to keep me smelling like a spring breeze.